How Glucosamine Supplements Can Make Your Canine Happy

Happy Black Lab is active again due to glucosamineGlucosamine has been successfully used for decades to treat arthritis. Arthritis is one of the most painful diseases, in which the patient suffers inflammation in joints that causes constant pain. This disease has serious problems like joint pain and inflammation in the joint areas. In severe cases, there is deformation in terms of shape.

The disease is not limited to humans. Even animals suffer from this horrendous disease. There is constant pain in the body of our pets that they cannot even tell us.

What kind of arthritis do the dogs have?

Most of the canines too suffer from Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. This disease is mostly associated with ageing issues, where the age of the dog stops the normal mechanism of cartilage tissues present between the bones.

Cartilage tissues give a cushioning effect and they contain fluids to function properly. However, when the canines get older, these fluids begin to dry up, which causes the bones to collide and damage. There is also muscular inflammation caused by these injuries. There is often swelling in the joints, but in some cases it is not visible.

How can we detect Osteoarthritis in pets?

The first criterion of osteoarthritis is aging. If your canine is old, there is a high possibility that he already has osteoarthritis. Another symptom is, if he avoids drooling around and stays at a place. These joints hurt when the canines walk, so in order to avoid joint pain, the canines avoid walking.

Another symptom is that, the canine totally loses its pace. As there is pain in the joints, they might sprint for a few steps, but give up soon.

What Causes Osteoarthritis

There is a nutrient in the body called glucosamine. This is the fluid filled in the cartilage tissues and acts as a liquid cushion. The lack of this nutrient creates dryness in the tissues, leading to damaged, dry cartilage, which in turn damages the nearby tissues and bones.

How can we cure Osteoarthritis?

One of the most effective treatments of canine Osteoarthritis is dog glucosamine supplements. These are specially prepared for consumption of canines and often have a great impact on the dogs. These dosages are prepared in order to suit the canines.

Glucosamine is the essential body nutrient that cures the root cause of the pain. This is the most important aspect of these supplements.

Why choose Glucosamine over Pain Relievers?

The conventional pain relievers suppress the pain and the canine over damages an already damaged joint, as he feels no pain. However, these supplements cure the root cause of the disease. So, the reaction might be a little late, but the treatment is appropriate.

What Dosage should I give to my dog?

The dosage of the dog depends on the body weight. The list shows the recommended amount of dosage for various weight limits

• 5 to 20 pounds – 250-500 mg
• 20 to 45 pounds – 500 mg
• 45 to 90 pounds – 1,000 mg
• Dogs weighing more than 90 pounds- 1,500 mg.

It is strongly recommended to avoid painkillers, if your dog suffers from joint pain, as there is a good possibility of further damage. Glucosamine is slow, but a guaranteed treatment of the joint disease.